Early Days workshops are for mothers, fathers and other family carers of children aged six years or younger who have recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or who are going through the ASD assessment process.

About Early Days workshops 

Early Days is a series of free, online and face-to-face workshops for parents and other family carers of children aged six years or younger who’ve recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or who are going through the ASD assessment process.

The workshops:

  • give you the latest evidence-based information about ASD
  • help you start building the skills you need to support your child’s early development
  • help you build a personal plan that you can put into practice at home with your own child and family.

Early days online workshops

Early Days online workshops cover the following topics:

  • Building your resilience to stress 
  • Managing stress 
  • Supporting siblings 
  • Video-modelling 
  • Self-management 
  • Sleep 
  • Fathers.

You do Early Days online workshops online, individually, in your own time. If you need to leave a workshop at any time, you can come back to where you left off.

Early Days workshops are hosted on the Parenting Research Centre (PRC) e-Learning Hub, and you need a PRC e-Learning account to access them.

If you don’t have a PRC e-Learning account, just go to the PRC e-Learning Hub log-in page to create one.

Early Days face-to-face workshops

Early Days face-to-face workshops give you specific information about autism spectrum disorder (ASD), therapies and interventions, and services. They also have lots of information to guide you through the early days of diagnosis. You can do foundation, skills or specialist workshops.

Foundation workshops cover the following topics:

  • My child and autism spectrum disorder
  • Understanding behaviour
  • Encouraging early interaction.

Skills workshops cover the following topics:

  • Tips for everyday skills
  • Helping my child cope with change
  • Play and social learning
  • Progression to school.

Specialist workshops are family workshops tailored for:

  • your family and community
  • your family and support team in your own language.

The Early Days face-to-face workshops are delivered by state and territory autism associations.

You can find out more about Early Days face-to-face workshops from the Early Days website or your state or territory autism association.

Early Days workshops have been developed by organisations recognised for their expertise in autism spectrum disorder and parenting. The Parenting Research Centre coordinated the development of the workshops.