Navigating the Services

Autism Services Pathfinder

This interactive tool can help you find your way through the services and supports available, both for your child and for your whole family. You can use the tool to find:

  • where to start with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) services
  • which professionals you might need to see
  • when you might need to plan for the future
  • names, addresses, websites and phone numbers.
Before using the Autism Services Pathfinder, you might first want to read more about the services environment and how to choose intervention services. You can also watch our ASD videos to hear parents’ stories about diagnosis, early intervention, starting school and getting support.

To get started, choose a path under the statement below that best reflects the stage you are at now.

I'm worried my child might have ASD

Finding out for sure: getting a diagnosis

The process of diagnostic assessment – to find out whether your child has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – can seem complex and confusing at first. The pathways shown here will help you. They break down, simplify and explain the steps as much as possible.


While you’re waiting: starting intervention

You might have to wait – sometimes for a long time – for your child to get a diagnostic assessment. If this is the case, there are many useful and practical things you can do to help your child while you’re waiting. These pathways will help you understand your options.


You and your family: help and support

Waiting for a formal diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be a time of deep anxiety, stress and fear of the unknown. But you can get help and support while you wait. These pathways explain what’s available.

see the path

My child has an ASD diagnosis: what do I do?

Helping your child: finding early intervention

There are many early intervention options for your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). But it can be hard to work out what’s available and practical for your family. Don’t worry if you’re confused. Here are some pathways to help you understand what can seem like an early intervention maze.


Helping your child: child care and early learning

Going to a child care centre or preschool is generally seen as an important part of early learning and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Here are some pathways to help explain your options.


Helping your child: going to school

The school options for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are varied, so it’s a good idea to learn about them well before your child turns five. These pathways help explain your options.


Government assistance and financial support

Australian Government funding is available to help all young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) get early intervention. Your child can also get financial support and assistance from other sources. These pathways help explain what’s available.


You and your family: help and support

Most families go through difficult periods, both straight after diagnosis and in the years following. Different family members will have different journeys through the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience. Everyone in the family needs and deserves help and support. These pathways help explain what’s available to your family.


  • Last updated or reviewed 18-01-2013