Scenario: sibling fighting

In this scenario, Jack and Mia are fighting over the computer. The way their parents react could influence their children's behaviour in the future.

Option 1: let it go

You could choose to ignore the fighting. This can give your children the space to sort out the conflict for themselves, but you might miss an opportunity to help your children learn valuable skills.

Let it go: parents and teens comment

Parents and teenagers think that ignoring the fight is unlikely to work and that the children probably need help to resolve this problem.

Option 2: mediate

You might choose to intervene in the argument without solving the problem. This can encourage children to work together to find a solution that everyone can be happy with. See how this approach works.

Mediate: parents and teens comment

Teenagers and parents like the way mediation gives children the chance to come up with a solution. Hear what they think.

Option 3: stop the fight

One way to handle a fight between teenage siblings is to intervene and impose a solution. Although this can solve the immediate problem, children miss an opportunity to learn about sorting out conflict for themselves.

Stop the fight: parents and teens comment

Teenagers and their parents think that stopping the fight and imposing a solution leaves the children feeling unhappy. Hear more.