In Overcomer, the population of a small town suddenly drops when its large factory closes and most of the workers are relocated. This means that high school basketball coach John Harrison (Alex Kendrick) loses his team and must turn to coaching cross-country running instead.

John’s one runner, Hannah (Aryn Wright-Thompson), has always believed that her father is dead. But John discovers that a new friend of his, Thomas Hill (Cameron Arnett), is actually Hannah’s father. As John and his wife Amy (Shari Rigby) grapple with what to do with this information, Hannah struggles with identity, loneliness and a deep desire to keep running despite many obstacles.

When Hannah and Thomas finally meet, it isn’t the reunion either expects. But Hannah chooses to embrace Jesus and this has a profound effect on her life and her ability to forgive, let go and overcome.


Family breakdown; chronic illness; religious relationships; forgiveness and self-discovery


Overcomer has some violence:

  • After Hannah steals headphones from a boy at the park, she’s chased through the woods. The people who chase her shout that she’s dead if she doesn’t give back the headphones. Hannah hides behind a tree and has an asthma attack. Eventually the pursuers give up looking for her.
  • John throws some bricks at the ground in a fit of anger.

Sexual references

None noted

Alcohol, drugs and other substances

Overcomer refers to substance use. For example, Thomas tells John and Hannah about how he was into drugs when he was younger. He says he got Hannah’s mum into drugs and she died as a result.

Nudity and sexual activity

None noted

Product placement

A sign for Jay Austin Motors is displayed in John’s son’s room. Aside from this, there’s no product placement in Overcomer.

Coarse language

None noted

Ideas to discuss with your children

Overcomer is a faith-based sports drama that focuses on forgiveness and redemption. The plot is fairly predictable and the stereotypes are unfortunate – for example, the movie features a struggling black family and perfect white family. But the story itself is uplifting and will probably appeal to a wide range of viewers.

These are the main messages from Overcomer:

  • Even one runner matters.
  • Your identity is tied to whatever you give your heart to.
  • If you find your identity in the ‘One’ that created you (Jesus), this will change your outlook on life.

Values in Overcomer that you could reinforce with your children include forgiveness, humility, compassion, perseverance, and faith or reliance on God.

Overcomer could also give you the chance to talk with your children about real-life issues like stealing, using drugs, holding grudges, and lying to people you love even when you have their best interests at heart.