The Parenting Research Centre (formerly Victorian Parenting Centre) engages in a range of activities to help parents raise children well.

Our focus is generating new knowledge of how parenting practices affect children, and how best to engage and support parents in this rewarding but often challenging task.

Our commitment to producing better outcomes for children means a continued effort to translate our research and development activities into practical strategies, programs and solutions, particularly for families and children experiencing adversity.

Established in 1997, we have grown in the number of highly qualified staff who support our increasingly diverse projects and programs. We have also increased the number of collaborative partnerships we have built with government and non-government agencies across Australia in our efforts to advance our understanding of effective parenting support.

Programs we have developed, managed or facilitated include Healthy Start, a national strategy for supporting parents with learning difficulties; Signposts for Building Better Behaviour, a program to help parents of children with developmental delay or intellectual disability to manage difficult behaviour; and the Raising Children Network, an interactive website that provides parents with evidence-based information to make parenting a little easier.

Visit our website for more information about the current activities of the Parenting Research Centre.