Murdoch Children's Research Institute

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) is a major global contributor to the creation of knowledge that leads to improved child health. Research at the MCRI, the largest child health research institute in Australia, is organised into six themes that bring together the best clinical paediatric skills and knowledge in cross disciplinary research teams, spanning laboratory, clinical and public health fields, working collaboratively to solve broader children's health problems.

MCRI is a leader in the field of research and evidence development that focuses on children from birth to 18 years and has developed a significant reputation for the delivery of high-quality research, evaluation and translation projects.

Working in partnership with The Royal Children’s Hospital Centre for Community Child Health allows the MCRI research team to translate and disseminate the latest research discoveries to inform public policy, service delivery and professional practice.

The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Centre for Community Child Health

The RCH Centre for Community Child Health has a mission to ‘support communities to improve children’s health’ with an objective ‘to continually improve the health of children through high-quality research, policy development, training and education, clinical services and advocacy’. This mission is implemented by each of the three units within the Centre, including Programs, Research and Clinical Services.

The RCH Centre for Community Child Health has an international reputation for its efforts in parent education/information and continuing professional education. The Centre is especially interested in disseminating research findings to inform public policy and clinical practice. It works with local, state and federal governments to ensure services have a strong quality framework and are focused to achieve best possible outcomes for children and their families. For more information about current activities, visit the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and The RCH Centre for Community Child Health websites.