NSW Kids and Families champions the health interests of young people. Raising Children Network has collaborated with the Youth Health and Wellbeing Team, which is part of NSW Kids and Families.

NSW Kids and Families has a key role in providing leadership to the NSW health system. It does this by partnering with stakeholders to address health, wellbeing and health care for all children, young people and families, in addition to reducing the health impact of sexual, domestic and family violence, child abuse and neglect.

The Youth Health and Wellbeing Team is one of four teams within NSW Kids and Families. It works collaboratively with health services, primary care providers, the public and peak state and national organisations to find practical ways to enhance health and wellbeing. The Youth Health and Wellbeing Team is particularly committed to supporting and improving the health, safety and wellbeing of young people so they can reach their best potential.

The Youth Health and Wellbeing Team has worked with Raising Children Network to produce a range of articles and videos about teenage mental health and physical health.

For more information, visit NSW Kids and Families.