A bit of boredom is not a bad thing – in fact it can actually do children some good, say experts at the Australian Government-funded parenting website raisingchildren.net.au. "When children are required to find something to do, they're forced to use their problem-solving skills, creative thinking and imagination to play," says Associate Professor Julie Green, a raisingchildren.net.au director and Acting CEO of the Parenting Research Centre.

The benefits of boredom are outlined in a new raisingchildren.net.au video series launched for parents containing tips and information on children and play.

"It can really be worth parents holding their nerve when the kids complain about being bored. It shows children it isn’t the end of the world to be a bit bored and to work through it." Associate Professor Green says.

"It's important for parents to play with their children but they don't have to entertain them all the time."

With school holidays fast approaching that may be music to parents' ears.

Boredom can also allow children to:

  • let their thoughts and imaginations roam
  • explore ideas and think creatively
  • choose activities that match moods – for example, if your child is feeling full of energy, they might want and need to be physically active.

"When children are bored it creates a feeling of being able to rely on themselves to be resilient; the ability to get through something that might be a little bit tough and a little bit stressful," says Cat Sewell, play specialist.

The videos can be found at raisingchildren.net.au/playvideos
To embed the videos on your website visit - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7C3A480FCFEB2A23

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