On the Raising Children website, parents will find reliable and scientifically validated information and resources to support them in the day-to-day work of raising children and looking after their own needs. The website is growing all the time and covers a broad range of up-to-date parenting topics.
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Key offerings on the Raising Children website include:

Parenting information

The Raising Children website offers up-to-date, research-based material on more than 800 topics spanning child development, behaviour, health, nutrition and fitness, play and learning, connecting and communicating, school and education, entertainment and technology, sleep and safety.

It covers pregnancy and birth, newborns (0-3 months), babies (3-12 months), toddlers (1-3 years), preschoolers (3-5 years), school-age children (5-9 years), pre-teens (9-11 years), teens (12-18 years), grown-ups, children with autism and children with disability.

Use the website to print step-by-step guides to essential baby care skills such as breastfeeding, bathing and changing nappies.

RCN works with peak organisations and incorporates the advice and input of more than 180 experts. It researches and commissions original content, forms partnerships to incorporate quality content produced elsewhere and draws on existing parenting information from many sources.

All material has been developed to be engaging and relevant, with a focus on accessibility and reliability.

Opportunities to connect

Through the many links, content partners and services listed on the Raising Children website, parents can learn about and connect with each other.

Use the website to:

Innovative features

The Raising Children website offers a wide range of interactive tools and accessible downloads, such as:

  • the unique Make a Book tool, which allows users to quickly compile, save and print a book of material drawn from the site as a ready-to-use PDF
  • Baby Karaoke , an animated online songbook to help you sing with your children
  • Talking to Teens , an interactive video guide showing how different approaches to communicating with teens can get different results
  • a comprehensive A-Z Health Reference, offering health information in a searchable and easy-to-read format
  • the A-Z Disability Reference, which offers clear explanations of disability-related terms
  • the A-Z index of autism spectrum disorder therapies, which offers an overview of a range of therapies, including what research says about each one, and the approximate time and costs involved.

You can also use the website to:

Reliable, scientific content

All content on the website has passed through a rigorous quality assessment process developed by the Raising Children Network (RCN) team and the RCN Scientific Advisory Board. The Board is made up of some of Australia's pre-eminent experts in child health and development, and oversees the website’s content development.

The quality assessment process ensures that each piece of website content is approved by at least two independent experts for accuracy and validity. A professional web editing team also assesses each piece on its accessibility and communication values to ensure the information is easy to understand, remember and act on.

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  • Last updated or reviewed 20-10-2014