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Cyberbullying is never OK

Bullying is never OK; tell someone; follow the G.E.T.R.I.D. steps
  • Cyberbullying is never OK. Stop cyberbullying with this illustrated guide, and read more about bullying and cyberbullying.

  • The best thing to do about cyberbullying is to tell someone.

  • It’s normal to feel upset, angry and confused. Use the G.E.T.R.I.D. steps to stop cyberbullying.


G.E.T.R.I.D. of cyberbullying: first steps

G=Go block the user; E=Ensure you keep evidence; T=Tell a trusted adult
  • Go block or delete the person engaging in cyberbullying. This helps stop the bully from posting or uploading offensive content. 

  • Ensure you keep evidence of the bullying. Save and print any bullying messages. Save text messages.

  • Tell a trusted adult or friend.


G.E.T.R.I.D. of cyberbullying: next steps

R=Report abuse; I=Initiate control; D=Delete online messages
  • Report abuse. Click the ‘report abuse’ link. If the messages are threatening, talk to local police.

  • Initiate control. To break the cyberbullying cycle, choose not to respond aggressively or seek revenge.

  • Delete online messages (after saving copies). Don’t forward text messages to others because they might forward them too.

  • Last updated or reviewed 28-11-2016