Raising Children Network scrutinises all sponsorship offers to avoid relationships with commercial organisations that market to children and parents. This helps to ensure the objectivity and credibility of our content.

About Raising Children Network and sponsorship

Raising Children Network has a responsibility to the Australian Government to plan for sustainability of our website. But our policy is to maintain the integrity of the website and the objective nature of its content.

Accordingly, sponsorship will be scrutinised to avoid relationships with commercial organisations whose primary marketing targets are parents and children.

When will we consider sponsorship?

Sponsorship will be considered if it:

  • supports the development and maintenance of raisingchildren.net.au
  • promotes and raises awareness of the website
  • provides suitable content for the website
  • helps sustain the site beyond 2020, the funding period to which the Australian Government is currently committed.

Sponsorship will not be considered if it:

  • dilutes the effectiveness of the website or the messages that underpin it
  • compromises the integrity of the website.

Guiding principles

In judging the suitability of a sponsor and/or sponsorship message, Raising Children Network is guided by the following principles.

  1. The sponsor is:
    • not involved in advertising or promoting tobacco, alcohol and/or any other product(s) considered to be harmful to children and parents. (An advertising agency that might be indirectly involved in promoting such products as part of its core business of advertising might constitute an exception)
    • not in direct competition with Raising Children Network or in conflict with Raising Children Network’s mission and philosophy.
  2. The sponsorship arrangement does not involve the advertising of the sponsor’s goods or services to parents and/or children.
  3. Promotion of the sponsorship demonstrates honesty and integrity.
  4. Sponsors are not offered and do not receive returns greater than the level of sponsorship. Raising Children Network consortium members determine and agree on what benefit is reasonable for the sponsors to expect, consistent with the Sponsorship Policy.
  5. The sponsorship agreement withstands scrutiny by the Australian Government and the Australian public.
  6. The sponsorship does not and will not dilute the effectiveness of the Raising Children Network website or its messages. Sponsors cannot influence the messages of the Raising Children Network.
  7. The sponsorship does not and will not bring adverse publicity to Raising Children Network and its services and projects.
  8. Employees of Raising Children Network and employees of Raising Children Network consortium members do not benefit personally from sponsorship arrangements.
  9. Raising Children Network will avoid sponsors whose primary marketing target is parents – for example, those who sell products for children, such as nappies, baby food, toys, electronic games, shoes or clothes.

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