Phoebe Macleod is a member of the Raising Children Network Board.picture of Phoebe Macleod

Phoebe is the Head of Legal and Licensing – Digital Health at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI). As well as overseeing all legal matters for MCRI, Phoebe is responsible for the translation and commercialisation of MCRI’s digital health technologies project portfolio of more than 30 projects. MCRI’s digital health portfolio has a paediatric focus and spans mental health, clinical decision support and workflow, compliance, connected care and patient empowerment and education.

Phoebe sits on the MCRI Risk Management Committee, Children’s Cancer Centre Tissue Bank Access and Oversight Committee, Operations Advisory Group, MCRI Commercialisation and Translation Committee, MCRI Seed Fund Investment Committee, MCRI Biobanking Committee and MCRI/RCH Ethics Committee.

Phoebe holds a Bachelor of Law (Hons)/Science from Monash University.