Autism Tasmania is your state autism association. It can provide information about how to get a diagnosis in Tasmania. Contact:

Hobart office:
1 Bowen Road
Moonah Tas 7009
(PO Box 514, Moonah Tas 7009)

Launceston office:
59D Amy Road
Newstead Tas 7250
(PO Box 358, Newstead Tas 7250)

Phone: 1300 288 476

GP or child health nurse

Use My Neighbourhood to locate GPs and child health clinics in your local area.

Child specialist

Paediatrician or child psychiatrist
Your GP should be able to refer you to a paediatrician or child psychiatrist who has experience in assessing and diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children. If you have trouble finding a child specialist with ASD experience, Autism Tasmania might be able to help.

Use the Australian Psychological Society’s find a psychologist tool to get contact details for psychologists who have registered as having expertise in working with children and ASD.

Diagnostic assessment

Your GP, nurse or child specialist should be able to direct you to practitioners in your area who do diagnostic assessments. For assessments carried out on a public basis, your local area health service is a good place to start. Your state autism association can also provide useful information about where and how a child can be assessed for the purpose of getting a diagnosis.

Government-funded services

Some services are funded by the government to provide diagnostic assessments which you won’t have to pay for. Contact these services below for more information.

Name of serviceAddressPhone numberASD specific
Autism Spectrum Diagnostic Assessment Service
GPO Box 125
Hobart TAS 7001
(03) 6230 7629Yes
St Giles therapy services (South) – Autism assessment team11 Gant Street
Lenah Valley TAS 7008
(03) 6238 1888Yes
St Giles therapy services (North) – Developmental Assessment Team65 Amy Road
Newstead TAS 7250
(03) 6345 7333Yes
CAMHS South - Clare House26 Clare Street
New Town TAS 7008
1800 332 388No
CAMHS North46 Cameron Street
Launceston TAS 7250
(03) 6336 2867No
CAMHS North West5th Floor, Reece House
46 Mount Street
Burnie TAS 7320
(03) 6434 7280No
  • Last updated or reviewed 18-01-2013