Services and support: in a nutshell

All parents need support. It can come from your family and friends, health and child care professionals, and information and community resources. Often, the first steps in getting support are asking for it, and accepting it when it’s offered.

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To see a detailed map of the resources in your area, such as child care services, check out our My Neighbourhood tool. If your family has special needs, visit our sections on Children with Autism and Children with a Disability

Parenting hotlines

These state-based hotlines offer free parenting advice 24 hours a day.

NSW: 1300 130 052
ACT: (02) 6287 3833
VIC: 132 289
QLD: 1300 301 300
SA: 1300 364 100
WA: 1800 654 432
TAS: 1300 808 178
NT: 1300 301 300