Disability Services Pathfinder link http://raisingchildren.net.au/services_pathfinder/disability_services_pathfinder.html

Disability Services Pathfinder

Our interactive Pathfinder can help you find your way through services and support for your child with disability and for your whole family. You can use the Pathfinder to work out:

  • where to start with disability services
  • what to do to help your child
  • who to contact (and how)
  • how to plan for the future.
Before using the Disability Services Pathfinder, you might first want to read more about the services environment and how to choose intervention services. You can also watch our disability videos to hear parents’ stories about diagnosis, early intervention, starting school and getting support.

To get started, click the statement below that best sums up where you’re at now.

I'm worried my child might have a delay or disability

My child has been diagnosed with a disability

  • Last updated or reviewed 18-01-2013