In these videos, parents share their experiences of loving and caring for their school-age children. Experts talk about school-age health and nutrition. You can see practical demonstrations of eating strategies and positive behaviour techniques, get tips on healthy eating and much more.
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Making a meal plan and shopping list
Parent Story | 1:36
Making dinner and involving your child
Parent Story | 3:58
Making healthy foods fun
Parent Story | 0:53
Planting herbs at home
Parent Story | 3:13
Preparing healthy lunch boxes together
Parent Story | 3:39
Preparing lunches ahead: leftovers
Parent Story | 2:55
Preparing lunch boxes together before school
Parent Story | 3:13
Preparing lunches ahead: mealtimes
Demo | 3:18
Preparing lunches ahead: wraps
Parent Story | 2:45
Setting a good example by eating well yourself
Parent Story | 0:26
Sharing healthy snacks with children
Parent Story | 1:25
Shopping for healthy food together
Parent Story | 3:11
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