In these videos, parents share their experiences of loving and caring for their preschoolers. Experts talk about preschooler health and nutrition. You can also see practical demonstrations of first aid, eating strategies, positive behaviour techniques, and much more.

Raising Children on DVD

The Raising Children DVD is a complete guide to parenting from birth to five, packed with all the basics you need to know. Order the DVD online.

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Is your child eating enough
Parent Story | 4:56
Sometimes foods and kids
Parent Story | 3:18
Encouraging good behaviour
Demo | 9:57
Connecting and communicating: 3-5 years
Info | 2:49
Cooking together – pancakes
Parent Story | 3:27
Cooking together – tzatziki
Parent Story | 2:57
Discouraging behaviour
Demo | 5:05
Getting your child to help with a shopping list
Parent Story | 1:36
Growing and choosing herbs for cooking
Parent Story | 2:35
Making a meal plan and shopping list
Parent Story | 1:36
Making healthy foods fun
Parent Story | 0:53
Planting herbs at home
Parent Story | 3:13
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