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February alert: media and your child

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Teen girl using a computer

You’ll hear plenty of bad news about teenagers and media, but research shows that teenagers can benefit from media. For example, they can build reading, writing and critical thinking skills through blogs and chat rooms. News and documentaries can develop their political awareness. And their social skills can grow through social networking. It’s all about balancing your child’s screen time with other activities.

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Online: being a responsible ‘cybercitizen’

Teenagers spend an average of 1-3 hours online per day. You might worry that this is bad for your child, but participating in the online world offers advantages too, as this article explains.

Teen boy using an iPad

Social networking

The biggest benefit teenagers get from social networking is a sense of connection and belonging to their friends and peers. Here’s a guide to safe and responsible use of social networking sites.

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Teenagers creating online content

Creating content for websites is a key way for teenagers to communicate, socialise and explore their creativity. Using this article, you can encourage your child to develop content safely.

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Online education: a guide for parents

Your child is probably using online and other classroom technologies to learn literacy, numeracy and many other skills. This article also explains about using the technology at home.


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