A complete approach to your child’s positive behaviour can help you and your family plan for a future that’s free of tantrums. This free live webinar also looks at new parenting behaviour, and ways to improve communication and problem-solving skills with other significant adults in your child’s life.
Unhappy child about to throw a tantrum

Upcoming tantrums webinar: planning a complete approach for your family

Moving your child away from tantrums and supporting your child’s positive behaviour in the long term often involves lots of different strategies. These strategies are likely to be most effective when you see them as part of a unified approach to positive child behaviour in the context of your family life.

You’re invited to join this free live webinar on responding to your child’s behaviour. This is the seventh and last in a series of webinars on tantrums and other challenging behaviour.

In this webinar, we’ll help you:

  • put together a complete approach, consolidating your learning from previous webinars
  • develop a proactive approach to new parenting behaviour
  • share the complete approach with other adults in your child’s life so you’re all consistent
  • plan your next steps for after the webinars have finished.

If you have children aged 2-12 years, or children who have additional or complex needs, this webinar is suitable for you.

Presented by: Tony Gates, a registered psychologist with expertise in child development

When: Tuesday 12 December, 8 pm AEDT

Duration: 40 minutes, followed by a question and answer session

Registrations for this webinar have now closed. 

Registrations will close at 2 pm AEDT on the day of the webinar.

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About this webinar program

Tantrums are how young children deal with complex emotions. This free webinar program will help you develop an approach to manage and prevent this challenging behaviour:

  1. Tantrums: why they happen and what to do about them – 24 October, 8 pm AEDT
  2. Tantrums: looking at your child’s environment – 31 October, 8 pm
  3. Tantrums: tracking and targeting behaviour – 14 November, 8 pm
  4. Tantrums: responding to your child’s behaviour – 21 November, 8 pm
  5. Tantrums: teaching skills for better behaviour now – 28 November, 8 pm
  6. Tantrums: getting better behaviour in the long term – 5 December, 8 pm
  7. Tantrums: planning a complete approach for your family – 12 December, 8 pm

This webinar program is suitable for families with children aged 2-12 years old.

The webinar facilitators are qualified experts, who are trained to deliver the evidence-based webinar content in a parent-friendly way.

These webinars are developed by the Parenting Research Centre, with funding from the Department of Education and Training Victoria, supporting parents in Victoria.

  • Last updated or reviewed 08-12-2017