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About these webinars

These occasional webinars are designed to help parents take care of themselves and cope with the challenges of parenting. The webinars are appropriate for parents of children aged 2-12 years who have additional or complex needs.

The webinar facilitators are qualified parenting support professionals, who are trained to deliver the evidence-based webinar content in a parent-friendly way.

These webinars are developed by the Parenting Research Centre with funding from the Department of Education and Training Victoria supporting parents in Victoria.

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Getting a handle on stress

Parenting can be hard work, and all parents find it stressful sometimes. Parents often feel stressed and then guilty about the effects of stress on their children. For parents of children with additional needs, there can be a lot of stress a lot of the time.

The good news is that there are many things you can do to manage your stress as a parent and increase your sense of control.

If you’re the parent or carer of a child aged 2-12 years, you’re invited to join a free online webinar about managing stress. You’ll hear from a qualified parenting support professional and other parents.

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This session will give you some practical tools for coping better with stress in your life. You’ll be able to start using these tools straight away.

Presented by: Warren Cann, psychologist, parenting specialist and CEO with the Parenting Research Centre

When: 19 December, 1.30 pm (AEDT)

Repeated: 20 December, 8.30 pm (AEDT)

Duration: 45 mins

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About the webinar content

The webinar content is partly based on the Signposts for building better behaviour program, an evidence-based program with a range of parenting resources developed by the Parenting Research Centre.

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