The Raising Children Network encourages all links to its website. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding linking to us.

Which page should I link to?

We recommend linking to our home page -

Is there a standard description of Raising Children Network?

If you want to include some text to describe The Raising Children Network, please copy this: 'Supported by the Australian Government, Raising Children Network is the complete Australian resource for parenting newborns to teens. At parents can learn and access tools, support and resources as their children grow and develop.'

Is there a logo to link from?

Shown below are four ‘linking logos’ which you can include on your website if you choose to. Downloads of these logos are included at the bottom of this page.

  Horizontal version Stacked version
Medium size Link logo horizontal medium Link logo stacked medium
Small size Link logo horizontal small Link logo stacked small

Note: When using these linking logos, please include the alt tag: 'Raising Children Network: the Australian parenting website'.

What about reciprocal links?

To request a reciprocal link, please contact us and provide details of your organisation/website. All requests will be considered in relation to our Linking Policy.

Can I link to pages other than the home page?

Depending on your site’s audience, you may wish to link to some of our key topic areas or features. Below are some quick links to these pages:

Page URL
Grown-ups section
Newborns section
Babies section
Toddlers section
Preschoolers section
School-age section
Services & Support section
A-Z Power Search
Dealing with Separation
Baby Karaoke
Parenting in Pictures
My Neighbourhood  

What about deep linking?

Our Webmaster makes every effort not to change the URL of pages, so you can link to articles deep within the Raising Children website if you choose to. However, please note that content may be moved, deleted or archived at any time so it’s wise to review deep links on a regular basis to prevent ‘404 Page Not Found’ errors.

Do I need to add the ‘www.’ prefix to the URL?

The Raising Children website address does not require the ‘www.’ prefix, however, the link will work either with it ( or without it ( We prefer displaying the link without the ‘www.’ prefix.

Downloads: linking logos

  • Last updated or reviewed 20-10-2014