Autism spectrum disorder

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is an umbrella term that refers to a range of conditions that share some common characteristics, including autistic disorder and Asperger’s disorder. The causes of ASD are unclear, but its characteristics include difficulties with communicating, problem-solving and social skills.

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If you’re worried your child might have ASD, it’s important to get help early. Use the Autism Services Pathfinder to find out how to get a diagnosis.


Parent Story
Later diagnosis
7:24 min
Parent Story
My child and early signs of ASD
4:09 min
Parent Story
Getting the diagnosis – what and how
4:35 min
Parent Story
Reaction to the diagnosis
3:11 min
Parent Story
Telling others about the diagnosis
3:46 min
Parent Story
Looking into the future
6:12 min
Parent Story
Challenges of raising a child with ASD
7:12 min
Parent Story
Coping with emotions
7:11 min