Pre-teen health and wellbeing: in a nutshell

Wellbeing in the pre-teen years is built on good mental health, plenty of physical activity, lots of sleep, nutritious food and positive relationships with family and friends.

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There's a strong link between the quality of parent–teenager relationships and young people’s mental health. Connect with other parents and share ideas for building relationships in our pre-teens forum.


Parent Story
Alcohol and other drugs
3:10 min
Parent Story
Fitness and health
2:48 min
Parent Story
Nutrition and eating well
2:46 min
Talking about teenage depression
5:49 min
Body image: talking with teenagers
4:26 min
Teenage body image: parents talking
4:04 min
Parent Story
Teenage mental health
5:10 min
Parent Story
GPs and teen mental health
5:00 min
Parent Story
School counsellors & mental health
5:31 min
Parent Story
Social workers & teen mental health
3:38 min
Parent Story
Psychologists & teen mental health
4:51 min
Parent Story
Psychiatrists & teen mental health
4:21 min
Parent Story
Teens with chronic conditions
7:37 min
Parent Story
Independence & chronic illness
6:02 min
Parent Story
Family & teens chronic conditions
7:38 min
Parent Story
Peer support & chronic illness
4:52 min
Teen transition to adult health care
6:36 min



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