6-8 Years

Play tips 6-8 years

Your school-age child is learning all the time. Play is important and helps your child build relationships with friends as she develops her communication, imagination, social and physical skills.

Here are some fun play ideas for you and your child at this age:

  • Try a family bike ride or camping in the backyard.
  • Pick up some old fridge boxes from your local electrical retailer and see what your child can do with them. These could be a great cubby, rocket ship or hide-out.
  • Cook with your child – start with some simple family favourites like tacos or fruit muffins.
  • Let your child invite a friend over for the afternoon.
  • Turn old sheets into a picnic blanket and supply some healthy snacks for indoor or outdoor fun.

Things to remember

  1. Play is important for your child because it gives her the chance to express her imagination and feelings.
  2. Your child loves being active. Running, climbing, sliding, swinging and chasing are all fun and healthy for your child.
  3. Your child will often be very excited by and interested in the outside world. He can take in information and often remember lots of detail about things that interest him.
  4. Taking the time to listen to and take an interest in your child is very important for her social and emotional development.
  5. When playing, keep the focus on having a good time and let your child take the lead. Learning follows when play is fun. It’s normal for play and learning to be challenging sometimes. As parents, you can support your child when this happens.