5-6 Years

Play tips 5-6 years

Your school-age child is learning all the time. Play is important and helps your child build relationships with friends as he develops his communication, imagination, social and physical skills.

Here are some fun play ideas for you and your child at this age:

  • Share stories, read books, recite or sing rhymes and songs, and tell jokes and riddles together.
  • Give your child easy and simple jobs around the house – for example, putting out the knives and forks at dinner time. This will give her a sense of achievement and boost her confidence.
  • Make a game out of something that your child wants to learn, like catching a ball. Spend time playing that game together. Helping your child get better at something that’s important to him makes him feel good about himself and is great bonding time for both of you.
  • Give your child opportunities for cutting, drawing and colouring, sorting objects, matching shapes and letters, and enjoying music.
  • Make time for dramatic play. Keeping a box of old clothes and safe household objects for dress-ups and props is a great idea.

Things to remember

  1. Play is important for your child because it gives him the chance to express his imagination and feelings.
  2. Your child loves being active – running, climbing, sliding, swinging and chasing. Moving around is good for your child.
  3. Family is at the centre of your child’s world – your support and encouragement will help your child tackle new challenges, develop new skills and form new relationships.