0-6 Months

Play tips 0-6 months

Your baby is born ready to learn. Her learning happens through play. Play stimulates her brain and helps her make sense of the world. Play also helps your child build confidence, feel loved and develop communication, social and physical skills.

Here are some fun play ideas for you and your baby at this age:

  • Tummy time: this builds your baby’s head, neck and upper body strength. Your baby needs this strength for other movements like lifting his head, crawling and pulling up to stand. Try to get down to your baby’s level as he does tummy time.
  • Smiling: when your baby sees you smile, it releases chemicals in her body. This makes her feel good – and the chemicals also help her brain grow and build more connections.
  • Peekaboo: playing peekaboo helps develop your baby’s language, thinking, social, emotional and motor skills as you appear and disappear. It’s a lot of fun and helps you bond with each other too!
  • Play with sounds: play music, sing songs, ring bells or fill containers with different items – this can help develop your baby’s hearing and movement.
  • Play with shape and texture: use objects of different sizes, colours and shapes – this can get your baby reaching and grasping.

Things to remember

  1. Responding to your baby’s needs in a warm, gentle and loving way helps her physical growth and brain development.
  2. Picking your baby up, cuddling him and talking to him in a soothing voice helps him feel secure and loved.
  3. At this age, the best toy for your baby is you.