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Posted 5/10/2011 3:35:05 PM
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Adelaide Autism Adventures is an online monthly newsletter written by two Adelaide mums, Tara-Jade Brown and Melissa Haklar, who both have two children on the autism spectrum. It has been our shared experience that ASD families often miss the opportunity to attend ASD related events, workshops and information sessions, because they were unaware of them. To address this, we decided to start this newsletter to keep ASD families living in within SA up to date with a state calendar and community noticeboard. The other focus of our newsletter is to support South Australian ASD families through the sharing of personal stories from family members, friends, therapists etc, and the 'light and laughter' section which contains humorous anecdotes and inspirational quotes. We realeased our first newsletter in July 2011 and our newsletter seems to be evolving each month

Community noticeboard - this is also open to everyone, including organisations and service providers, and allows you to pass on information to ASD families i.e. expressions of interest in programs, calls for participants, organisation fundraisers, give aways etc.

Personal Stories - We are asking for personal stories from parents/caregivers, family members, ASD individuals and therapists/careworkers. There is no right or wrong way to write a personal piece; it can be an overall introduction to your family or can focus on a specific part of your journey - like diagnosis or a milestone achievement etc. It can be a story or a poem, and can focus on the highs or the lows. Stories can be between 300-600words. Let us know if you would rather remain anonymous and we can change names.

Submissions to the 'Light and Laughter' section - Have you got a humorous ASD story? Submissions max. 150 words. Let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.

Newsletter Banner - Each month we change the 5 photos in the puzzle piece banner in the newsletter. We offer families/individuals the chance be an 'ASD Star' and appear in the banner. These photos will not be used for any other purpose unless express permission is given by the parent/caregiver.

SUBMISSIONS - send your submissions to adelaideautismadventures@gmail.com

To subscribe to the newsletter send us a subscription email to adelaideautismadventures@gmail.com

You can keep up to date throughout the month by connecting with us at facebook or on our website
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