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Survey: you could win an iPad (UPDATE -... Expand / Collapse
Posted 22/03/2011 2:24:14 PM

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Thanks for your replies to our survey. We're currently looking into the results and will be using them to improve our site as soon as we can!

The winner of the iPad2 is: Tony Mykevski of WA.

When contacted by RCN to tell him the good news, Tony said that he and his two-year-old daughter both enjoy tinkering with gadgets, so playing with the iPad will become another father-daughter event.

Congratulations Tony, and thanks again to all those who gave us their feedback.


Where do you look for parenting information? To help us deliver a website that suits your needs, take our 15-minute survey for parents of children aged 0-15.

To show our thanks for completing the survey, you can go into the draw to win an Apple iPad 2!

If you'd like to go in the draw to win, enter your email address when asked at the end of the survey. Your email address will only be used to enter the draw, and your survey answers will remain completely confidential and anonymous. If you choose not to enter the draw, you can still complete the survey without supplying your email address.

Go to the survey now

Your feedback is very important to us, so thank you again for helping improve our website.

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