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Posted 16/10/2010 2:44:35 PM

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Here is some advice, followed by my own views and experiences when dealing with these public servants. If you have never endured their presence, you may be naive as to their intentions, and your children will ultimately pay for your misplaced trust in these social servants. It does not take long to realise you are dealing with bullies, arrogant, and answerable to noone.

Never just hand over your child without being shown paperwork which is signed by a judge. You ask them "Under what authority do you wish to remove this child." They do not have the power to do this, although the police can.

Keep a diary of all meetings and phone calls. Ask for a reference number for every phone call. Also write down the time of the call, the name of the person you have spoken with, and the details of your conversation. If you can, definitely record all phone conversations.

Record all conversations and meetings, as well as noting them down in your diary with the names of the people you spoke with and the details of the conversation.

Do not be so naive as to think that these public servants are automatically authorities or experts when it comes to dealing with children. These departments have a high turnover of employees, so more likely than not you will have an inexperienced worker.

Do not believe that because you know that the allegations which have been made against you regarding your children are false, that you have nothing to worry about. If a disgruntled neighbour, jealous relative, for what ever reason, if a report has been made about you by a person, it will permanently remain on your record. Example....I recently met a father who has tried desparately to have his daughter returnned after a visit supervisor accused him of having an erection during a visit with his daughter(not mentioned at the time, the accusation was made later), with the child's mother present. I have not come across a more kind, gentle soul than this man, and how his life and his daughters life have been torn apart is a tragedy.

Do not expect any help from the DoCS complaints hotline. I rang these people many times, never once did they help. I rang the ministers office. I never stopped trying to get my son back. I went into the DoCS office in Townsville every single day after work to show them I was employed, and I lived with a mother and two children, then a child care worker, then the manager of St Vincent De Paul. Never once did they even consider checking to see if my son should be returned. I even had a reference from a senior police officer. lukesarmy.com/images/lukes-dad/reference-policeman

Do not take it for granted that your solicitor is 100% behind you, or even on your side. Many of these people deal with DoCS daily and form friendships. On top of this, if your solicitor is paid for by legal aid they will not be enthusiastic about representing you, much of the time.

If your child is in foster care, and you notice any injuries, ensure that the visit supervisor records the injury, and take photos yourself, and be sure to record the date and time when the injury was seen by you.

If you are worried about your child being injured while in foster care, contact the commission for children.

Write to the minister for CPS, but you will get more of a response from the shadow minister if you are reporting impropriotries. mistreatment or corruption. You can also write to the ombudsman.

There are numerous groups forming consisting of parents who have nowhere left to turn for help.

Try to keep calm. These people are experts at turning situations around and making reports to ensure that things go they way they intend. If you raise your voice because these people are trying to kidnap your child that you have never abused, they will use this against you. They will claim you have anger management problems.

Do not be disheartened, never ever give up. Remember you are all your child has to protect them from being lost in the system.

The following is a summary of what I have witnessed and experienced with regards to the child protection system in Australia. Please present your opinion regarding these departments, be they positive or negative. I have come across countless cases of families ripped apart by these social workers. Parents who fight for years for the return of children they loved, whom they never abused. My story can be found at lukesamy.com I started Luke's Army after my two year old son was killed in foster care.

I am not assigned to making only negative statements or harassing DoCS workers and foster carers. These people need to be commended, as I believe most are doing what they consider to be the best job they can. How commendable to allow a strangers child into your home, and to treat these children as one of your own. My suggestions for changes which would improve the system can be found at lukesarmy.com/forums/lukes-dad/suggestions-improvements-child-protection-system-australia

I was warned by a friend to be very cautious of the department of child safety (DoCS), which is what the child protection service (CPS) is called in Queensland. It is called the department of community services in NSW, and although the name of these departments may differ in each state, they are all there theoretically to provide the same service. I beleived I had nothing to hide from them, and could not have loved my child more. This makes no difference to the DoCS worker in most instances. I had a visit supervised by a Non Government Organisation (NGO). After the visit the supervisor went straight back to the DoCS office and demanded my child be returned to me as I was an outstanding father.

This decision came down to my reunification team leader, Joe. This woman has hatred etched across her face. Three days before my son received his fatal injury, a fractured skull, I had a meeting with this woman. I asked to have my visits with Luke lengthened. This was part of the reunification process. I was flatly refused, handed a list of rules for visits and told I had raised my voice and the meeting was over. I didn't get a chance to once again request my son be removed from the 74 year old woman who my son was placed with. The old lady already had three older abused children. lukesarmy.com/images/lukes-dad/sunday-mail-article-gavin-king

I believe from my personal experience with several different offfices of DoCS in Queensland, and from the numerous accounts of mistreatment, mismanagement and corrupt, dishonest behavour within this group of public servants throughout Australia that a full investigation into these departments is urgently needed, and overdue by about 50 years.

We had the stolen generation where the natives of Australia were nothing less than kidnapped from their families as infants, at least fifty years ago. Then there are the Forgotten Australians, children removed from their parents and institutionaliesed in cruel asylums run commonly by pedophile priests. The less known groups are the migrant Australians whose children were removed upon arriving in Australia, and the newborn infants born to single mum in the 1960s, removed at birth against the wishes of their mothers.

What is occuring right now is the next onslaught by an untouchable group of public servants who answer to noone. These children who are currently being kidnapped are now known as the "New Stolen Generation by DoCS".

I hope that my comment can be the start of a productive forum. I would like to hear the views of DoCS workers, foster carers, and parents who have dealt with the CPS. Am I being overly distrustful???

Would you trust your children with the department of Child Safety?

Life's misfortunes fall disproportionately upon the young
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Posted 17/10/2010 3:52:11 PM

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I've read a few of your posts and I'm struggling to understand.  So don't take this the wrong way, I simply don't get it.  If your child was you life how can you undermine that with drugs?  How could you be so dependent on them and so selfish to neglect your own child's needs?  You place alot of blame in the system, which I can understand, but shouldn't you foot alot of the blame too?

If parents, parented, there would be no need for these authorities and I think it's a real shame that these organisations are needed in the first instance.   If my child was placed into the care of one of these organisations, I'd like to think i'd take a long hard look at myself before trying to criticise them.  Someone has to act in the best interests of children if their parents won't.

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Posted 22/10/2010 7:26:13 PM
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I totally agree with you. So many of these parents blame authority but seriously where were they when their kids needed them? shooting up? I would remove a child from druggies as well without any hesitation.
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Posted 30/12/2010 4:47:15 PM
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you woman havn't ever had any addictions or delt with docs there are not ur friends. i have worked hard to get my children back and i did look at myself. My oldest that i still have trouble with no carer could care for him  and he got so angry being in foster care and i got no support at all. it is not a perfect service.
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Posted 17/01/2011 5:57:39 PM
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It's awful to know that the system is so cracked.  Sorry for Luke's passing in such regretable circumstances.

Basically in the first place, as two others have pointed out, if there wasn't so much problems with drug affected parents & child abuse then these agencies wouldn't be under the strain that they are in.

I understand that you feel you were a fit parent to have Luke returned to you, and not knowing the circumstances, I'm sorry that it didn't happen soon enough to prevent his death.  I gather there must have been an initual problem & you worked through it.

However, for anyone reading this ... the system is cracked ...  It is clear that if more people were taking in foster kids then things would be a lot better.   There is nothing worse than talking with foster carers who have wards.  Last one I saw recently had one child with a broken arm & leg, and the other had cigarette burns over his body.  So, whilst it is sad, immediate removal is sometimes necessary.

Mum to 3 girls, 8 & 11 yrs NT, and 6yrs ASD - the little whirlwind!

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Posted 13/02/2011 8:22:43 AM

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Even if I was on drugs I would not want my child to be with them. But I wasn't on drugs, I did everything they asked and much more.


I was drug free for six months. I am not responsible for the death of my son, the corrupt government workers are. They have got away with absolutely anything they want for years. And this is what they have achieved.

Fooling the public into always blaming the parents. So many parents have their children wrongly removed, and are coming to me from all over the world, because I am not aftaid to speak up to people like yourselves who have been conned by the governments.

Children are 10 times more likely to die in a foster home than in a home with their parents. The highest age group is four and under, like my Lukey.

Lukey has contributed much to the Child Protection Reform movement, and to educating people on the real issue, corruption within these departments. Don't ask me what they have against people having their kids if they are not abused.

Maybe like yourselves they believe kids are better off dead than being with a parent who used drugs but loved them and never abused them. Stop blaming parents, and start having a look at who is running these departments.

Vindictive women. I am trying to help as many people as I can and I know my son would be proud of me, as I am so proud of him.

I hope you are open minded enough to at least consider this possibility, or my son died for nothing.


My son was abused by his mother who had a lengthy history with CPS for abuse. I have never abused a child. When I told them that she wiped speed on his nose and burnt a cigarette on his face at one year old, they laughed at me and put him alone in a house they organised for her, and was not there to protect him any more.

I could not have been a better father. Some people aren't on drugs and do horrific things to children, what are you gonna blame that on? Being a man. It's time to stop judging and looking at who is hurting the children the most. Thankyou for giving me the opportunity to answer these questions, Michael.

Life's misfortunes fall disproportionately upon the young
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Posted 5/04/2012 10:05:20 AM
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Posted 27/04/2012 2:26:58 PM
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My experience is not of my own, but of a neighbour who had her 5yr old son removed by DoCS & the worst of it was that one of the tenants in my block claimed to be a DoCS worker, spouted she had arranged the removal of the boy, and she told me this before I even knew that the boy was gone .. when my partner and I checked with the boys mother, it was true..he was removed. 

OK. the mom had some issues she was dealing with, but I will swear on a bible, that young boy was the samrtest, healthiest, happiest kid in the neighbourhood, he loved his mom, listened to her .. and she doted on him so much.

The woman (from DoCSW) who arranged all this was a "mad-hatter" ..she herself had mental issues of her own, she and her daughter (who looked more like a tattood man) would drive up our driveway at such speeds, we would always ask them nicely to slow down, kids play in the courtyard just off the driveway ..  they would say 'Yes, we will slow down" .. and never do it.  The "mad-hatter" even yelled abuse at my partner and myself after we asked her calmly to slow down, she then went to the cops to try and report us .. for what, we don't know ..  the police called us back and told us they sent her packing as she had nothing to report and was trouble.  I warned my kids to stay away from her at all times.

We advised the mother of the boy of what this "mad-hater" told us, the mother contacted DoCS providing the name of the "mad-hater" .. and literally days later, was advised she could get her sone back .. provided she moved out of the unit she was in and moved elsewhere.  

What's interesting, the boy was placed into the care of his grand-ma and uncle of which he has no emotional bond with, the grand-ma is an alcoholic and the uncle is gay, and the boy shares the same bed as the gay uncle ....   so how does that affect the boy !!! 

DoCS are not her to help, they are here to destroy families .... and the staff believe they are God, they certainly act like it.

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Posted 26/10/2012 2:11:00 PM
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I am sorry but Docs just do not up and remove children from loving homes. It does not happen. Before they remove a child, a report has to be made. Most reports are not acted upon alone, but a file will be created for that report. If a few reports are made then the case is reviewed and on the evidence of the reports a decision is made to investigate or not. If there is a risk of immediate and serious harm the children will be removed for safety reason while and investigation takes place. This system is not perfect and there are mistakes, gaps and even missrepresentation, but unfortuately it is the best we have at the moment.

In the case of Luke, it is terrible to hear that he died while in foster care and as such some level of blame must be aimed towards the carer at the time. To go off tangent and blame the system is wrong. It is obvious that he was removed from you and and his mothers care because of drug use and abuse. Full credit to you for cleaning your act up for 6+ months but where was that urgency to do that when he was still in your care? Where was the nurturing, loving and safe environment that should have been afforded to him when he came into this world? I am sorry but a hefty portion of the blame must be carried by you and your ex for the passing of your son. It is a heavy burden to carry but unfortunately it is the facts that it was the behaviours of the two of you that made him enter into the system in the first place.

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Posted 3/06/2013 1:06:13 AM
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Omg you people that believe that docs do not remove kids from good homes are living in denial , I have had deals with docs for 3 reasons , firstly my ex wanted me back I said no he came in and smashed my house and called docs , secondly I had a falling out with someone close to me who threatened me that they would ruin my life at any cost and they tried and thirdly because of a mix up in names police raiding my house looking for someone that used to live there about a yr before I moved in , accused me of knowing this person and being a meth dealer and because I couldn't tell them what they wanted to know they threatened to have my five kids removed , yes the system is corrupt and they will do what ever they want to benifit themselves if u do not see it then ur blind and living ur prissy life , they pick on the poor , how is this for a joke , I know of a mother that leaves her child in shitty nappies all day won't feed them they eat junk or starve until their father comes home from work at night , they run the street at 4 and 2 years old and have since they could walk they are Melnurished and have sores , they are neglected and docs say they can not do anything , this woman does not drink or do drugs , I know a drug addict that has the happiest kids and want for nothing so don't sit there saying drugs this drugs that ******** it comes down to the person and docs workers ha I went to a party and here is this woman that takes kids off there parents for doing drugs beaming off her head , so do not be so quick to think that they are all good ppl , a friend of mine had her children taken because of domestic violence from the father towards the mother not the kids , after fighting for 9 years she finally got her kids back and now her daughter is a psychopath in the making because of what happened to her in foster care she was raped and so was her brother all by someone who was hired to protect children , another case I know of they went for a visit supervised at the careers house this career also looked after 6 other children in a three bedroom house this lady had 3 kids she was visiting so 9 in three bedrooms her 8 mth old was sleeping in a draw !! So please ppl tell me how is the system doing the right thing I know of bad junkies that are paid to look after kids that were taken from their own parents for the same reason , children are worse off in the system I know many ppl who were brought up in the system they are now drug addicts and in jail , tried to kill themselves because of the torment they were put threw , these ppl do not care about the children they take they are paid a percentage for each case they make , the poor kids and parents who love there babies are just a pay check to these monsters , the justice system failed my daughter could not bring her attacker to even face a court room because the child protection officer didnt ask the right questions and rushed the interview cos she clocked off in 15 mins that is appalling in my eyes and the barstard they let off went on to hurt more little girls , the hole government is corrupt and only out to make a dollar and unless u have money u get ignored or mistreated or unfairly judged , all the money in the world can not buy love !
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