Here are frequently asked questions about listening to, downloading and subscribing to Raising Children Network podcasts and audio.
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What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio or video digital files. A podcast is like a TV series, although the episodes – the files – might not be as regular.

Websites use RSS feeds to send out new content such as podcasts. RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication. When new content is ready, the website’s RSS feed sends you an update.

To get podcasts using RSS feeds, you need a ‘podcatching’ media program on your computer. These programs are sometimes called feed readers or ‘aggregators’. Some commonly used free podcatching programs include iTunes, Miro, Juice and gPodder.

Raising Children Network podcasts come as MP3 audio files. They cover a range of topics that parents, carers and professionals might be interested in. Topics include child development, parenting tips and children with disability.

How do I subscribe to the Raising Children Network podcasts?

To get new episodes from our RCN podcasts automatically, you subscribe to our podcasts in your podcatching program.

Here’s how to subscribe using iTunes:

  1. Follow the links on our podcast pages to download the software.
  2. Subscribe using the provided links.

This is what to do using another program:

  1. Copy the podcast URL:
  2. Paste it in the subscribe using a ‘download from URL’ option in your program.

In most programs, you’ll need to click the download arrows next to the filenames to start transferring copies of the audio files across to your computer. If you want to get new episodes when they’re ready, make sure the scheduling function in your podcatching program is set to search for new podcasts automatically.

What does the Raising Children Network podcast subscription cost?

It’s free to download or subscribe to Raising Children Network podcasts.

You should note that your internet service provider or mobile plan will charge you for the data you download as podcasts.

How can I listen to the audio files in a Raising Children Network podcast?

Sync to multiple devices
Once you’ve subscribed to your Raising Children Network podcast in your podcatching program, you have the option to sync any or all of the audio files across to your mobile devices to play in your music player function.

Download and save
If you want to save the file on your computer so you can play it later, click the ‘Download MP3’ link under each audio item.

Depending on the browser you’re using, you might see a dialog box that asks you to Open or Save the podcast file. Browse to where you want to save the file, and click ‘Save’. If the podcast starts to play when you click ‘Download MP3’, right-click instead and select the ‘Save file as’ or ‘Save link as’ option.

You can now play or transfer the MP3 file within any media program on your computer.

Listen online
You can listen online – or ‘stream’ – the Raising Children Network podcasts directly, rather than downloading the files to your computer.

Streaming means that you play the audio file directly from the website across your internet connection rather than downloading it and storing it on your computer. Depending on your connection, the file might sometimes stop and start again. This is called ‘buffering’.

To stream the podcasts, click the Play button on the audio file you’re interested in. It will play inside your web browser.

  • Last updated or reviewed 20-10-2014