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Upcoming webinar: family resilience in hard times

You’re invited to join a free webinar on keeping your family strong and resilient in hard times. The webinar is suitable for families with children aged up to 16 years, or children who have additional or complex needs.

When times get tough, family members can get angry, anxious, scared or overwhelmed. These reactions are normal and understandable, but they can put stress on relationships within the family.

This free webinar looks at what’s happening in families going through hard times, what families worry about, how mental wellbeing is affected – and what your family can do if this sounds like your situation.

Presented by: Dr Melinda Goodyear, Senior Implementation Specialist, Parenting Research Centre

Melinda is currently leading a randomised control trial of ‘Let’s Talk About Children’, a program for vulnerable families in mental health and family services across Victoria.

When: Wednesday, 26 April 2017, 8.30 pm AEST

Duration: 40 minutes, followed by a question and answer session

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About these webinars

These webinars are developed by the Parenting Research Centre, with funding from the Department of Education and Training Victoria, supporting parents in Victoria.

The webinar facilitators are qualified experts, who are trained to deliver the evidence-based webinar content in a parent-friendly way.

  • Last updated or reviewed 11-04-2017