Children with additional needs often need a lot of time and attention from their parents. This can strain other family relationships and make it hard for parents to cope. This free live webinar looks at relationships in families of children with additional needs, and will introduce the idea of respite.
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Upcoming webinar: healthy family relationships and respite

If you’re raising a child with additional or complex needs and trying to balance other family relationships, you might sometimes face difficult and stressful decisions about priorities.

You’re invited to join this free live webinar on healthy family relationships and respite.

In this webinar, we’ll:

  • look at how raising a child with additional needs can affect your relationships
  • give you ideas for looking after your relationships and yourself
  • explain forms of respite and how they can help you.

This webinar is suitable for parents with children aged 0-9 years who have additional or complex needs.

Presented by: Kate Strohm

When: Wednesday, 14 June, 8.30 pm AEST

Duration: 40 minutes, followed by a question and answer session

The registrations for this webinar have now closed. You might be interested in our tantrums series.

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About these webinars

These webinars are developed by the Parenting Research Centre, with funding from the Department of Education and Training Victoria, supporting parents in Victoria.

The webinar facilitators are qualified experts, who are trained to deliver the evidence-based webinar content in a parent-friendly way.

If you plan to join the webinar using a mobile device, you’ll need to download the OmNovia app from either Android’s Play Store or Apple’s iTunes. A user guide is available with further information.

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