In these videos, parents share their experiences of raising children with disability. They discuss getting a diagnosis, finding support, education options, creating a positive family life, and much more. Disability experts discuss diagnosis and give an overview of specific disabilities, like cerebral palsy, Fragile X, and vision impairment.
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Cerebral palsy overview
Parent Story | 6:39
All about child disability diagnosis
Parent Story | 8:04
Child disability: being an advocate
Parent Story | 4:51
Cerebral palsy: after the diagnosis
Parent Story | 8:03
About disability early intervention
Parent Story | 8:39
Returning to work: part 1
Parent Story | 5:13
Returning to work: part 2
Parent Story | 4:21
Parent support groups
Parent Story | 4:27
Child disability services and support
Parent Story | 6:20
Child disability: parent relationships
Parent Story | 4:12
Children with disability: family activities and outings
Parent Story | 2:36
Children with disability: family life, time and routine
Parent Story | 1:56
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