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It’s easy to think of fun, active things to do with kids when the sun is shining. It can be harder in winter. Here are some ideas to get you going when it’s cold or wet.

Muddy young boy playing outside

Ideas for staying active in winter

  • Put on coats, hats and gloves and head outside. Show your child what the beach looks like in wild weather, or visit botanical gardens when the plants are all wet and glossy.
  • When it’s wet, dress up in gumboots and raincoats. Look for some big puddles to jump in. An umbrella can be fun to take along too, even if your child does want to keep opening and closing it.
  • Indoor activities include swimming, trampolining, ice-skating, ping pong, ten-pin bowling and cricket. You could also try an indoor play centre – they usually have climbing equipment and things to jump on.
  • Traditional winter sports, such as football, hockey, netball or rugby, can be great for children when they’re big enough. Look for sports where the rules have been revised so they’re fun and safe for young children.
  • A trip to the snow can be great fun for snow play, snow-shoeing or even tobogganing.

Indoor versions of outdoor activities

If you can’t face the cold and wet, here are some ideas for bringing outside activities inside. You can also make up your own.

  • Encourage your child to throw a scarf up in the air and catch it on an arm, leg or head.
  • Let your child kick a balloon up as high as possible, or use a fly swat or plastic bat to hit it.
  • Games with hand clapping and ball rolling are also good for indoors. They help develop coordination and movement skills. You can set up your own indoor game of ten-pin bowls using a tennis ball and some plastic bottles.
  • Build a fort together out of chairs and blankets.
  • Have races around the living room.
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  • Last Updated 10-12-2009
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