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Professor Wood's research interests are in youth mental health, schizophrenia, adolescent brain development, and vulnerability and resilience markers of severe mental illness. His research aims to understand the health paradox of adolescence – the years between 12 and 25 are a time of great physical fitness, yet this is the period during which 75% of all mental disorders have their onset.

His research into schizophrenia is largely through the study of young people at very high risk of developing the disorder. His interest lies in understanding what predicts their functional outcome, and how abnormalities of specific brain networks can be corrected through psychological and pharmaceutical interventions.

Most of his work involves the interface between neuroimaging, cognitive science and psychiatry.

Professor Wood is based at the School of Psychology, University of Birmingham, UK, and has published several articles in his areas of research.

  • Last updated or reviewed 06-01-2011