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Podcast transcript
Smacking podcast (PDF 136kb)

Psychologist Warren Cann talks with 3RRR radio host Dave the Scot about smacking children and discipline. They take calls from the public and talk about the risks and some alternatives to smacking.

While many Australian parents still discipline their children by smacking, attitudes are changing and many believe it is wrong. Warren says there are a number of risks in smacking your children, and it also makes you feel bad. The alternatives to smacking require more planning and more skills from the parent but you can still set limits and have consequences. Build a strong relationship with your child and give them boundaries that are clear and predictable.

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  • Last updated or reviewed 20-05-2013
  • Acknowledgements Thanks to Dave the Scot (filling in for Jacinta Parsons) and radio 3RRR’s Detour program for this audio podcast.

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