By Raising Children Network
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Kids need lots of sleep

Kids need sleep for good learning; bedtime routines help; water is best before bed.
  • Kids need lots of sleep to learn, grow and behave well.

  • Bedtime routines help – dinner, bath, teeth, bed, story and sleep.
  • Water is best before bed.

Getting ready for bed

Bedtime stories and hugs; peace and comfort; noisy ones out, volume down.
  • Give bedtime stories and hugs.
  • Kids need peace and comfort to sleep.
  • Put noisy ones out. Keep volume down.

Safe sleep for babies

Firm, safe bedding; no smoking around babies; baby is safer sleeping alone if parents drink or use drugs.
  • Put your baby to sleep on her back, head uncovered. Use firm, safe bedding.

  • No smoking around babies any time.
  • Baby is always safer sleeping alone. This is even more important if parents drink or use drugs.
  • Last updated or reviewed 05-06-2018
  • Acknowledgements This resource was developed by Raising Children Network in collaboration with Black Wattle Consulting.