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Lots of new babies share a bedroom with older siblings. This can make getting your baby to sleep a little more complicated, but there are ways to work around this.

Newborn being wrapped for nap

Here are some ideas:

  • When it’s time to settle your baby, ask your older kids to stay out of the bedroom for a while, or be quiet if they have to come in.
  • It’s safer to put your baby to sleep in a cot, rather than in the same bed as a sibling.
  • Give yourself and the baby some uninterrupted time at bedtime. You could try setting the other children up with an activity that will keep them busy, such as a favourite book, game, television program or toy.
  • Let your older children know that the baby might wake up during the night. But tell them they don’t need to worry because you’ll take care of it. Older children usually sleep through babies crying.
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  • Last Updated 26-10-2012
  • Last Reviewed 26-10-2012