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The award-winning Raising Children Network recently launched Australia's first Baby Karaoke iPhone app, a free-to-download* activity that will have parents singing along with their children wherever they go.

Developed to encourage families to bond and have fun through song and movement even when on the go, the colourfully animated iPhone app will also help parents remember the words, tunes and hand actions to several well-known children’s songs.

The app offers a portable alternative to the popular Baby Karaoke tool on the Raising Children Network website ( An evidence-based site supported by the Australian Government, the Raising Children Network offers resources to help parents raise their children from newborns to teens.

Warren Cann, Chief Executive Officer of the Parenting Research Centre and Content Director of the Raising Children Network website, said, "Singing with children encourages them to use words and develops their memories, creativity and imagination. The Baby Karaoke iPhone app makes it easier for parents to sing with their children when travelling, waiting for the doctor or even at home under the blankets!"

"Raising Children Network is really excited to be channelling our expertise in child development into a portable piece of technology that is fun and educational, and that provides bonding time for families wherever they are."

Mandy Cooper, mother of three, agrees. "The Baby Karaoke app comes in handy when the kids get restless on long car rides. We can whip out the phone and do a giant sing-along in the car – the kids will love it!"

Baby Karaoke is now available for the iPhone and can be downloaded free from Baby Karaoke is suitable for children from babies to preschoolers.

Media enquiries:
Charissa Feng, 0428 039 265 

*The Raising Children Network does not charge a fee for using or downloading the Baby Karaoke iPhone app. Standard or other mobile carrier costs may apply depending on your data service plan.  

  • Last updated or reviewed 28-04-2011