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Bonding through cuddling, contact and facial expression

Hold baby so he can hear your heartbeat; baby massage can make your baby feel secure; use facial expressions when you talk.
  • Cuddle baby close to the left side of your chest so he can hear your heartbeat. This is good for bonding with newborns, because it helps them feel safe.

  • Skin-on-skin contact, like baby massage, can help your baby feel secure. Always use a soothing touch.

  • Look into your baby’s eyes and use facial expressions when you speak to him. This will help your baby learn the connection between words and feelings.


Talking and reading: good for bonding

Use a sing-song voice when you talk to baby; read books so your baby can enjoy your voice's sound and rhythm; chat with your baby throughout the day.
  • Babies like to hear a sing-song voice instead of normal grown-up conversation. Try this kind of voice when you’re talking to your baby.

  • Read books and tell stories with your baby from birth. She’ll like hearing your voice during this special time together.

  • Chat with your baby throughout the day. Try naming toys and things around you. For example, ‘Look, these are your socks. They go on your feet’.


Singing, smiling and games: more bonding ideas

Sing songs to develop language skills; smile at your baby; play simple games like peekaboo.
  • Singing is a fun way to develop your baby’s language skills. Your baby will also love the rhythm and will be soothed by your voice.

  • Smile at your baby. When he sees you smiling, it makes him feel good and releases chemicals that help his brain grow.

  • Play simple games with your baby, like pat-a-cake or peekaboo. Playing with your baby also helps your baby’s learning and movement skills.

  • Last updated or reviewed 01-06-2018