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Cuddling and connecting

Hold baby so she can hear your heartbeat; baby massage can make your baby feel secure; use facial expressions when you talk.
  • Try cuddling your baby close to the left side of your chest so she can hear your heartbeat. Your baby might find this reassuring, and it’s good for bonding with newborns.

  • Skin-on-skin contact, such as baby massage, can make your baby feel secure. Try using a few drops of an edible oil, such as olive or sweet almond oil.

  • Look into your baby’s eyes and use facial expressions when you speak to him. This will help your baby learn the connection between words and feelings.


Talking and reading

Use a sing-song voice when you talk to baby; read books so you baby can enjoy your voice's sound and rhythm; give a running commentary through the day.
  • Experts say babies like to hear a sing-song voice instead of normal grown-up conversation. Try this kind of voice when you’re talking to your baby.

  • Read books and enjoy storytelling with your baby from birth. She’ll like hearing the sound and rhythm of your voice during this special time together.

  • Chat with your baby as you go through the day. You could try naming toys and things around you. For example, ‘Look, these are your socks. We’re going to put them on your feet, aren’t we?’


Singing and games

Sing song to develop language skills; smile at your baby; play simple games like peekaboo.
  • Singing is a fun way to develop your baby’s language skills. Try it in the car, in the bath, at bedtime – anytime and anywhere! Your baby will love the rhythm and will be soothed by your voice.

  • Smile at your baby. When he sees you smiling, it releases chemicals in his body, making him feel good. The chemicals will also help his brain grow.

  • Play simple games with your baby, such as pat-a-cake or peekaboo. Playing these games can help your baby’s learning and movement skills.

  • Last updated or reviewed 12-08-2011