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Baby cues: ‘I want attention’

Attention cues include making eye contact, turning head and eyes towards you and reaching out.
  • Eye contact is one of the ways your baby tells you he wants your attention. Turning his head and eyes towards you or reaching out to you are other baby cues that show he wants your attention.

Baby cues: ‘I need a break or a change of activity’

Cues that baby needs a break include turning away, arching the back or crying.
  • If your baby turns her head away, arches her back or cries, she’s telling you she needs a break or a change of activity. Try putting your baby on the floor to play, or into bed if it’s time for sleep.

Baby tired signs

Baby tired signs include yawning or rubbing eyes; toddlers might cry or grizzle.
  • If your baby is yawning, rubbing his eyes or jerking his arms or legs, he’s showing tired signs. Toddlers and older babies might grizzle, cry and demand attention. Try giving your child some quiet time in bed to help him settle to sleep.

    See more in our Baby Cues video guide.


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  • Last updated or reviewed 21-09-2016