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Getting started

Read our general Parenting in Pictures guide to toilet training; familiarise your child with using the toilet; teach skills step by step.
  • Have a look at our general Parenting in Pictures guide to toilet training for useful tips.
  • Think of toilet training as a series of small goals. Start by getting your child familiar with the toilet, what it’s for and how to use it.
  • Keep in mind that going to the toilet is a complex task. It helps to break down skills into small parts, then teach them step by step.

Useful strategies

Use rewards; use visual aids to reinforce the routine; go over the schedule 2-3 times daily.
  • As your child learns each step of using the toilet, encourage him with rewards. Try different rewards and use the ones your child likes best.
  • A Social Story™ or visual schedule can reinforce the toileting routine. Stick the schedule on a wall near the toilet. Download and print our toileting visual aid.
  • Go over the schedule or social story with your child 2-3 times a day. Share these aids with anyone who does toileting with your child, such as teachers.

Tips for toileting challenges

  • Consider skipping the potty stage if your child has difficulty with change. Going straight to using the toilet limits the number of changes during toilet training.
  • If your child is upset by the sensory aspects of going to the toilet, try to control his sensory experience. Explain that there will be a noisy flushing sound and say why.
  • There might be extra challenges when toilet training your child with ASD – continually flushing the toilet, stuffing it with paper, or refusing to poo. The people working with your child might be able to help.
  • Last updated or reviewed 01-03-2012