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Managing anger in parenting

Podcast transcript
Managing anger in parenting (PDF 181kb)

Psychologist Warren Cann talks with 3RRR radio host Jacinta Parsons about managing anger in parenting.

All parents occasionally experience a normal range of anger in response to their child’s behaviour. But how you interpret your child’s behaviour can have a significant effect on how you respond to it.

Warren discusses strategies for managing parental anger. Strategies include:

  • responding early to unwanted behaviour
  • recognising and changing the behaviour that provokes your anger
  • looking after yourself.

Warren talks about why it’s important to be able to forgive yourself for getting angry. He also points out that a higher level of irritability and anger can signal deeper problems, such as depression, that need to be addressed.

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  • Acknowledgements Thanks to Jacinta Parsons and radio 3RRR’s Detour program for this audio podcast.

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