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Margaret Sims is Professor of Early Childhood at the University of New England.

Professor Sims’ research interests focus on quality early years experiences in the home and in non-parental care. Her research, using cortisol as a biomarker of stress, was used to argue for reduced adult:child ratios in child care in NSW, and this advocacy campaign influenced the national ratios in the national standards.

Margaret’s research focuses on investigating aspects of the environment that impact on children’s outcomes, and in this process, argues that relationships form the fundamental framework for quality service delivery. She has published widely in this area, and her book, Program planning for infants and toddlers: In search of relationships (M Sims & T Hutchins, Pademelon Press, 2011), looks at quality care environments for infants and toddlers.

Margaret is also interested in the experiences of children and families around social inclusion, and has worked with children from a humanitarian migrant background as well as children with disabilities. She has worked in a variety of roles in communities with families who are disadvantaged, in early intervention and in family support programmes. She is an advocate for integrated early childhood service delivery, which involves supporting children and families in the contexts of their communities. Her most recent book in this area is The Early Years Learning Framework and Social Inclusion: a way of working with all children (Pademelon Press, 2011).

  • Last updated or reviewed 30-03-2011