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Mahboubeh reflects on her life as a first-time mum in a foreign country, learning a new language and coping without the support of extended family.

‘When I was in overseas I have married. After marriage we were separate for seven months until my husband found his job and provided for me visa.

‘Then I have started my life while I had some targets such as passing my English exam and going to work and starting a good life with my husband. So first, I went to TAFE to improve my language.

‘It was just seven months from our life with each other that I found I am pregnant.

‘It was unplanned pregnancy and my husband was very sad. So he wanted that I terminate my baby but I totally disagreed with him while my baby was first and I had a happy time with her while I had not any support from my family here because all of my family was in overseas. I had only friends’ support and they always have encouraged me to keep the baby and advised me that will get better.

‘When I was alone or sad and in most of the time I had speaking time with my baby and it was only relaxation way that I had. One day my husband came and told me if I want that I can keep her. It was unbeliveable for me but it happened and now Mehrnaz is 22 months old and she is as a happy girl.

‘I couldn’t continue my study and pass my exam but that is very enjoyable time when I speak with Mehrnaz and she listens to me very carefully and learns every thing very fast. That is really sweety time when I hear her loud laughing and when she is enjoying with every thing although I don't have any support from my family here and I couldn't get to my targets.

‘Now she goes to the child care just two days per week and I try to improve my language and study to pass my exam and she is five days with me to learn every good things are in her life.’

  • Last updated or reviewed 22-06-2010
  • Acknowledgements

    This mother's story is one of the winning entries in our Mother's Day competition 2010.