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The Favourites tool allows you to save your favourite pages from our website in one place so you’ll be able to find them again easily. You can also send your Favourites to a friend or save them as a neat ‘book’ you can print or email.

Adding Favourites

To add a page to your Favourites, click the ‘add to favourites’ link located under the page heading. This automatically adds the page to your list. 

Sending Favourites

To forward your Favourites to a friend or family member, use the ‘Send to a friend’ button on the Favourites page. Your friend will receive an email with a link. When your friend clicks the link, your suggestions will appear on your friend’s Favourites page as Suggested Favourites. All personal information is protected by our privacy policy.

Removing Favourites

From the Favourites page
To remove a page from your Favourites list, click the small cross at the end of the page’s name.

To remove all Favourites, click ‘Remove all’.

From other pages
To remove a page from your list while you have that page open , click ‘remove from favourites’ located under the page heading.

Save as a PDF

The ‘Save as PDF’ function compiles your Favourites into one neat PDF for printing or emailing. Note that videos won’t play when they’re saved as a PDF.

The Favourites tool uses ‘browser cookies’ to compile your favourite pages, so your Favourites are added only to the web browser you’re currently using. That is, when you add a page to your Favourites in Internet Explorer, it will not appear in your Favourites list in another browser such as Firefox.

For technical help using Favourites, email

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  • Create pdf
  • Print
  • Email
  • Last Updated 02-11-2010
  • Last Reviewed 02-11-2010