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HeyDadWA is a service provided by Ngala Family Resource Centre in Western Australia. Ngala aims to provide and promote a range of programs that help families develop their own resources to enjoy an independent fulfilling family life.

Their purpose is to assist parents with young children who need support and advice to confidently manage the challenges of early parenting. All families with children from babies to school age are welcome at Ngala Family Resource Centre.

HeyDadWA understands the changing needs of families, and that fathers are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory.

Sometimes by choice, sometimes by necessity, dads are becoming more and more involved in the daily, ‘hands-on’ end of caring for their children: chief cook, cleaner and kiddie washer, night nurse and all-round problem solver.
Ngala understands that, for many men, it's a brave new world. Unlike the family sedan, parenting doesn't come with a manual, and for every crisis there's often a range of solutions – none is guaranteed to work.

HeyDadWA offers a range of practical parenting solutions – just for dads and their families. The resources provide practical skills and build on the confidence needed to be the kind of dad kids will love and respect.

HeyDadWA provides opportunities for dads to meet others in the same boat, share experiences and work together with staff to master some of the mysteries of parenthood. All programs are based on up-to-date research. HeyDadWA is funded by the Australian Government Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

HeyDadWA and the Raising Children Network

Ngala Family Resource Centre have kindly allowed the RCN to reproduce some of the HeyDadWA material on the website.
  • Last updated or reviewed 11-07-2006