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Dr Helen McGrath lectures part-time at undergraduate and postgraduate level in the School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University, Melbourne. She is also a writer and researcher. She has a private practice as a counselling and educational psychologist, working mainly with educational systems, schools and health-focused centres in Australia and internationally.

Dr McGrath’s areas of expertise include wellbeing, emotional and social learning (resilience skills and social skills), teaching young people to think well, supporting and managing students with behaviour syndromes and learning difficulties, and preventing and managing bullying.

She has published 18 books and a variety of articles for psychologists and educators and for the general community, including Friendly Kids Friendly Classrooms, Bounce Back! A Classroom Resiliency Program, Eight Ways at Once, Difficult Personalities and Bullying Solutions. Helen is also a regular media commentator and an executive member of the National Centre Against Bullying.

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