By Raising Children Network
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Keep baby healthy with health checks and breastmilk

Take baby for health checks; breast is best; feed when baby is hungry.
  • Take baby for regular health checks.
  • Breast is best.
  • Feed when baby is hungry, as often as needed. This is usually 7-8 times a day.


Food and drink by age

Offer the right food and drink for baby's age; 0-6 months - breastmilk, 6-12 months - add smooth food, then mashed food and then finely chopped food, 10-12 months - share family meals.
  • 0-6 months: breast only. 

    No water before six months for fully breastfed babies.


  • 6-12 months: add smooth food, then mashed food and then finely chopped food. 

    No cow’s milk before 12 months. 

  • 12 months and older: share the family meal.

Feeding, health and hygiene: things to remember

Feed babies and kids as priority; clean the kitchen to stop sickness; look after mum too.
  • Make feeding babies and kids the top priority.
  • Clean the kitchen to help stop sickness.
  • Remember to look after mum too.
  • Last updated or reviewed 05-06-2018
  • Acknowledgements This resource was developed by Raising Children Network in collaboration with Black Wattle Consulting.