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As an employer or workmate you can play a positive and helpful role in the lives of parents. By understanding the needs of working parents, you can help them adapt and enjoy the experience. And parents who are well supported by family-friendly workplace policies and practices will be happier and more productive.

Benefits of family-friendly workplaces

Family-friendly workplaces are good for employers and staff. Workplaces that care about families are happier and more productive environments.

Employers benefit if they learn about:

  • how to negotiate a family-friendly agreement
  • how to review work and family strategies – and perhaps create new ones
  • how family-friendly policies will help their business
  • how to develop a work and family policy.

Tips for creating a family friendly workplace

  • Allow flexible start and finish times.
  • Provide flexible arrangements for parents returning to work after having a baby.
  • Find out about and publicise local child care and school holiday care.
  • Hold meetings within normal working hours.
  • Introduce ‘make-up’ time so staff can make up hours if they need to leave early for any reason.
  • Have a ‘Bring your Child to Work’ day or a family gathering day.
  • Have a policy for mothers who are breastfeeding.
  • Explain your work and family policy to existing and new employees.
  • Extend social events to families and partners.
  • Include work and family issues when reviewing your workplace agreement.

What is the law about working parents?

If you’re interested in reading legislation about working parents, these are the relevant Australian Government laws:

  • Last updated or reviewed 23-05-2014