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Dr Reupert is a therapist, teacher and researcher. She has authored or co-authored over 40 publications, delivered 30 conference presentations, and successfully acquired 15 research grants totalling over $600,000 in the specialised area of parental mental illness. 

With Associate Professor Maybery, Andrea edited a special edition of the Australian e-Journal for the Advancement of Mental Health (a peer reviewed journal) in the area of parental mental illness. Currenlty, Andrea co-edits GEMS (Gathering Evidence that Matters), a bi-monthly online resource sponsored by AICAFMHA, which aims to make research in the area of parental mental illness accessible to those living and working with parental mental illness. Along with a team of researchers and clinicians, Andrea developed a world first model of care for families where the parent has a dual diagnosis (co-occurring drug/alcohol and mental illness). She was also involved in the first estimation of Australian children living with a parent with a mental illness.

Andrea is interested in identifying approaches to best support families where a parent has a mental illness and/or substance abuse problem.

  • Last updated or reviewed 18-04-2011